Total new admissions – 17,989

Total discharge – 13,382

Total discharged cured/cure rate – 11,324 (84.6%)

Total dead/ death rate – 169 (1.3%)

Total defaulters/defaulter rate – 1515 (11.3%)

Total non-recovered/non recovered- 374 (2.8%)

With the support of KSTA, 13,618 from Makarfi LGA and 6,178 Zaria LGA, malnourished patients have been transported from the identified pick up points to designated OTP sites from June – December, 2017

79 Health workers were subjected to training on CMAM in May 2017.

267 Health Workers and 3644 community Volunteers acquired skill and capacity for CMAM management.

The sum of Three Hundred Million (N300,000,000.00) was paid to UNICEF and UNICEF supported with 450M procured RUTF in 2016, and 300M has been approved in the 2018 budget, for KADENAP activities.

The State Government is soon paying the sum of N130m to UNICEF for 2017 procurement of RUTF. / The State Government is  to procure RUTF worth N130 million for the year 2017.

46 million Nigerians (25%) defecate in the open; 33 million are in the rural areas.

0.2% of Kaduna population disposes faeces in the open while 19.4% dispose in the garbage.

The rate of timely breastfeeding initiation is 28.9 %( MICS 2017)

Only 19.7% are Exclusively Breast fed (MICS 2017)

Only 1 11.7 % are wasted from acute under nutrition.