Amina Umar Salihu was 14 months old when she was first taken to the Zangon Aya PHC in Igabi Local Government by her mother Hussaina. She was adequately tested and confirmed to be acutely malnourished as she was weighing 3.5kg, 9cm.

Six weeks ago Amina was on the verge of death. She was truly sick. Through the intervention of KADENAP, Amina was placed on observation and provided with Ready to Use Therapeutic Food RUTF and other supportive drugs such as Amoxicillin, Albendazole, amongst others. There was a significant improvement in her health as she was checked and was weighing 6kg, 10cm.

Eight weeks down the line, Amina has fully recovered and fast regained her body and strength. She has gained full fitness and is playing around like every other child her age. She is full of health, energy, and potential to be what she wants to be.